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Pawppie Paw Cleaner

Pawppie Paw Cleaner

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Discover Pawppie Paw Cleaner The Pawppie Paw cleaner allows you to easily clean your pup's dirty paws when coming back from outside. Quickly remove any water, mud, and sand stains with the press of a button. Without forgetting… The device is very easy to clean. The bristles unroll once the lid is removed, so you don't have to worry about any dirt lingering on the Pawppie Paw Cleaner itself. It's a BPA-free device, so it's extra safe for dogs (and for people as well).
Removes all dirt and bacteria Easy to use and clean Perfect portable size Pet friendly


We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of furry friends in need. Therefore, 5% of our profits will be donated to https://harborhumane.org , a dog shelter, ensuring that our contributions bring tail-wagging joy and support to our four-legged companions.

Pawppie Paw Cleaner
Pawppie Paw Cleaner
Regular price $18.97
Regular price $34.97 Sale price $18.97
Save 45% Sold out

More than 2,000 satisfied animals

No more dirty paws for your loved puppies

Pet paw cleaner cup is a convenient option to clean your pet paws. This paw washer has a light, portable design and it is very easy to use, anyone in the family can use it.

Enjoy keeping your pet’s paws clean

Suitable for small and medium sized pets, your dog receives a relaxing massage while the silicone soft bristle brush cleans it.


The Pawppie Paw Cleaner works for all dogs, whether you have a small puppy who likes a casual stroll around the block and some playtime in your backyard, or a more adventurous breed that comes along on activities like hikes or walks on the beach. 

Improve your dogs health

Dirty paws can carry lots of nasty bacteria that can be harmful for your pets health. When left unclean, your puppy will risk ingesting these harmful bacteria when licking their paws. The Pawppie Paw Cleaner enters deep corners between your dog's paws, where the dirt remains. Resulting in perfectly clean paws. 

How to use it?

  1. Assemble paw washer
  2. Fill the cup with water and pet shampoo
  3. Put the dog's paw into the cup, rotating and moving it up and down to let the silicone bristles clean thoroughly.
  4. Take out pet’s paw and dry with a towel.
  5. Pour out dirty water and wash the silicone brush.

Is the material safe for my pet?

Yes.The interior is made of soft silicone and it's a BPA-free device, so it's extra safe for dogs (and for people as well).

Is the Pawppie Paw Cleaner easy to refund?

At Pawppie nation, you and your pets' satisfaction is our top priority. We follow a money back guarantee policy with no shipping or return fees. To refund your Pawppie Paw Cleaner, simply contact one of customer satisfaction agents at support@pawppienation.com. We respond to all emails within a 24 hour timeframe.

Will my dog like it?

Without a doubt! Your puppy will love the smooth massage they feel while getting their paws cleaned. 

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