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Pawppie Nail Grinder

Pawppie Nail Grinder

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To maintain your Pawppie Nail Grinder in top-notch condition, remember these easy steps: clean it after use, inspect the bit regularly, charge the battery when needed, store it in a dry place, and handle it with care. Following these guidelines ensures a long-lasting and effective grooming tool for your furry friend's nails.
The stress-free and safe solution for grooming your furry friend's nails! With its low-noise motor and diamond bit grinder, it gently shapes nails without causing discomfort. Suitable for pets of all sizes and featuring a rechargeable battery for long-lasting performance. Keep your pet's paws healthy and happy with Pawppie Nail Grinder!


We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of furry friends in need. Therefore, 5% of our profits will be donated to https://harborhumane.org , a dog shelter, ensuring that our contributions bring tail-wagging joy and support to our four-legged companions.

Pawppie Nail Grinder
Pawppie Nail Grinder
Regular price $37.95
Regular price $79.95 Sale price $37.95
Save 52% Sold out

More than 2,000 satisfied animals

A Stress-Free Grooming Experience for Dogs

The Pawppie Nail Grinder offers a stress-free experience for dogs with its low-noise motor. It creates a soothing atmosphere, making grooming calm and comfortable for your furry friend. No more loud noises or discomfort – just a gentle and enjoyable nail trimming session for you and your dog to bond ove

Why will you fall in love with our Pawppie nail grinder?

It’s a grooming essential with diamond polished armor for durability, a shell cover for safety, a switch acceleration button for adjustable speed, a powerful silent motor for calmness, and a removable port cover for easy cleanup. Make nail care stress-free with Pawppie Nail Grinder!

Still not convinced?

Regularly grinding your dog's nails is crucial for their overall well-being. Shorter nails prevent discomfort, joint issues, and injuries. It also reduces scratches and preserves your home's surfaces. Moreover, proper nail care ensures a positive grooming experience and maintains your pet's paw health. It's the most important product you will buy this month for your loved one. 

Tought that was all?

We pay all the shipping fees for you on orders of 40$ and more. Free shipping and guaranteed worldwide!  

Is the Pawppie Nail Grinder suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

Yes, the Pawppie Nail Grinder is designed to be versatile and suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. It comes with adjustable speed settings, allowing you to groom nails effectively and comfortably for different pets.

Is the Pawppie Nail Grinder safe for my dog's sensitive paws?

Absolutely! The Pawppie Nail Grinder is designed with your dog's safety in mind. Its diamond-polished grinder ensures a smooth and gentle trimming experience, preventing any discomfort or harm to your pet's sensitive paws.  

How long does the battery last on the Pawppie Nail Grinder?

The Pawppie Nail Grinder features a rechargeable battery that provides ample power for multiple grooming sessions. The battery life varies based on usage but can last for several grooming sessions before requiring a recharge.

Can I clean the Pawppie Nail Grinder easily?

Yes, cleaning the Pawppie Nail Grinder is a breeze. It comes with a removable port cover that collects nail shavings, making post-grooming cleanup quick and mess-free. Additionally, you can gently brush off any nail dust and debris from the grinder's surface after each use.

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