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Pawppie custom necklace

Pawppie custom necklace

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  • No Tarnishing Ever Our pieces are meticulously crafted with our one-of-a-kind plating technique. This propritary procedure ensures that your PupRing jewelry will never tarnish or discolor your skin!
  • 1 Year Warranty Each of our creations is accompanied by a one-year warranty. It's our assurance of quality and our promise to address any concerns, ensuring your total satisfaction.


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Caring for the Pawppie personalized gold-plated necklace involves gentle cleaning using a soft cloth, steering clear of moisture and harsh chemicals, storing it separately to prevent scratches, putting on lotions and perfumes before wearing it, and considering professional re-plating if you notice significant fading; following these steps will ensure your necklace retains its shine and lasts longer over time.
The Pawppie personalized necklace marked a captivating moment in the world of pet lovers. Unveiling an innovative blend of craftsmanship and sentiment, the necklace beautifully captures the essence of beloved pets. Combining elegant design with customization, it allows pet owners to carry a timeless reminder of their furry companions wherever they go. This heartwarming accessory is more than just jewelry; it's a tribute to the cherished bond between humans and their four-legged friends, forever encapsulated in a stunning and personal keepsake.


We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of furry friends in need. Therefore, 5% of our profits will be donated to https://harborhumane.org , a dog shelter, ensuring that our contributions bring tail-wagging joy and support to our four-legged companions.

Pawppie custom necklace
Pawppie custom necklace
Regular price $29.97
Regular price $66.25 Sale price $29.97
Save 54% Sold out

More than 2,000 satisfied animals

The art of engraving

The art of engraving on the pendant of the Pawppie personalized necklace adds a layer of enchantment to an already cherished accessory. Each carefully etched name tells a unique story, intertwining sentimental value with elegant design. The precision of the engraving process ensures that every detail is meticulously captured, creating a lasting tribute to the special moments shared with beloved pets.

Best gift for pet owner

The Pawppie personalized necklace stands as an exemplar of exquisite craftsmanship and heartfelt connection. With its stunning design and the ability to engrave personal details, it transcends traditional jewelry, becoming a treasured emblem of the unique bond we share with our pets. Everybody loves the Pawppie personalized necklace.

Still not convinced?

If you find yourself uncertain about the Pawppie personalized necklace, take your time to explore its features and consider its significance to you. Delve into the stories and testimonials of those who have embraced it, and envision how it might reflect your connection with your pet.

Tought that was all?

Our 30-day guarantee is a testament to our confidence in the Pawppie personalized necklace. We understand that choosing a meaningful accessory is a significant decision, and we want you to feel completely satisfied with your choice.

Frequently asked question
What is the lifespan of the necklace?

Every necklace is designed to endure a lifetime!Your necklace undergoes multiple engravings and then undergoes an intricate electro-plating procedure that permanently secures the engraving and maintains the shine of your personalized pup necklace!

Is this necklace restricted to only dogs, or am I able to engrave my other pets as well?

This necklace is thoughtfully crafted with all animals in consideration!

What is the estimated arrival time for my necklace?

Your necklace is expected to reach you within 2-3 weeks. Each necklace is meticulously hand-sketched, engraved, polished, carefully packaged, and shipped, encompassing a process that spans 7-10 days. Subsequently, the delivery of your order takes up to 7 days, contingent on your geographical location.

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